About Us

Orbit is an independently owned Afghans based design agency, born to craft innovative digital solutions for clients through; graphics, websites, games and apps. Our custom software development services and products change the way people perceive and act. We love developing unique, reliable and viable web and mobile applications and we collaborate with anyone that wants solutions to their technology issues. We follow a strict Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with all our software products and we run extensive testing programs prior to launching them on the market.

Due to years of experience and high doses of creativity we are able to constantly provide our clients with relevant ideas, outstanding design and excellent results. Our enthusiastic team gathers top detail-oriented specialists, talented designers and dedicated coders who constantly provide our clients with relevant ideas, outstanding design and excellent results.

Before we commence with the development of any idea we make sure it satisfies the following criteria:

It is unique (there is nothing else like it on the market).
It is empowering to consumers or businesses.
It is a disruptive innovation (helps create a new market and value network, and eventually goes on to disrupt an existing market and value network).
It is a sustaining innovation (does not create new markets or value networks but rather only evolves existing ones with better value).
It has the potential to rapidly scale to market leaders
It is financially viable in the long-run.

It is very important to us that a culture of empowerment and creativity is fostered within our organization. It is within such an environment that the true successful implementation of our programmes can occur. We encourage unorthodox thinking. We explore unconventional paths and processes. We place significant importance on establishing and building meaningful, long-term relationships.


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